Eating Vegan in Birmingham


Birmingham is not necessarily a place I thought would have a variety of vegan options but I was pleasantly surprised when I stayed there whilst doing a work placement with The Vegan Society! From vegan pizzas & hot dogs to the most amazing chocolate cake, there are a handful of amazing vegan places in Birmingham that you HAVE to visit if you are ever in the area! 


A great spot that does the BEST vegan chocolate cake I had ever had in my life, is Cherry Reds. This is a pub that sells all day breakfasts, burgers, jacket potatoes, falafel platters, milkshakes and a selection of homemade cakes - all with lots of vegan options of course! I had the hearty vegan breakfast, consisting of Linda McCartney sausage, deep fried tofu, beans, mushrooms, spinach, two granary toast, vegan spread, cherry tomatoes & hash brown, as well as a milkshake and chocolate cake and it was INCREDIBLE! You definitely have to visit here, the food is so good and the vibe is perfect for a Friday afternoon breakfast. You can check out their full website and menu here :


3 THREE'S - 100% VEGAN

Another place you absolutely have to visit on a trip to Birmingham is 3 Three's Coffee Lounge. If you're craving a creme cheese and bacon bagel, nachos, or a selection of amazing vegan cakes then this is the place for you! From vegan chorizo and mozzarella paninis to vegan piri piri chicken wraps and oreo cakes, this cafe is perfect to visit on your lunch break or for a quick breakfast on the way to work! I had the creme cheese and bacon bagel the first time I went, then the hot dog the second, I also picked up a handful of amazing cakes and pastries for the potluck at my internship and everyone was thoroughly impressed! You can check out their full menu here :

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I visited here when staying with a friend in Birmingham and I was surprised at just how many vegan options they had! Featuring a full vegan menu, from burritos, tacos and nachos to dirty rice, cilantro lime rice and even CHURROS, this place is a must if you're in the area! A mix between a restaurant and cocktail bar, the food is so good and the atmosphere is even better! I got the burrito, sweet potato fries and vegan churros and my friend (who is veggie) got the nachos and it was amazing! You can check out their full website here :



Mr Singh's is an vegetarian cafe in Birmingham that also does delivery, and has an abundance of vegan options meaning you can literally do what I did and get a vegan meat feast pizza delivered to your door!!! They also have vegan chicken burgers, garlic tortillas and a whole menu full of vegan pizza, with everything from veggie supremes to vegan pepperoni! I definitely reccomend checking out this place as not only is the food so delicious its so cheap! You can get a medium pizza, garlic tortillas and a drink for £10! You can check out their full website here:



Cafe Soya is a Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant that does so many veggie and vegan options! I got the VEGAN PRAWN TOAST and vegan chicken fried rice and it even rivals Imperial Garden in Plymouth - my favorite place to get vegan Chinese (you can check out my post featuring Imperial Garden here). Cafe Soya has a vegan version of everything from dumplings and duck pancakes to stir frys, fried rice, noodle dishes and dumpling soups. Its definitely a place you have to try if you're in the area, and they are even on deliveroo! You can check out their full website here:


If you have any other recommendations for me for when I'm next in Birmingham please let me know over on any of my social media platforms (all linked above) - Sophie :)

Sophie Earl