Eating Vegan in Berlin


I recently went on a weekend away to Berlin with my best friend, where we visited every vegan cafe we could find whilst exploring the city. In fact one day our adventures in the city where dependent entirely on the cafes we wanted to visit, and we jumped upon many subway trains and walked through cobbled streets in the pouring rain just to find the well sought after vegan crepes and croissants. Berlin is listed on happycow (one of the best websites for finding vegan cafes in your area) as being the #1 vegan friendly city in the WORLD, and boy was I not disappointed! With over 50 100% vegan cafes/restaurants and hundreds more that offer vegan options, Berlin was literally vegan paradise, offering everything from alcoholic after eight hot chocolates with whipped cream, to vegan pizzerias serving over 54 different pizza options !!! It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and definitely a city I want to return to in the future, if not purely for the chocolate filled crepes, so I thought I would share with you some of the places we visited in the hope you will be inspired to go visit them too! 


When I first started researching vegan places to visit in Berlin, the phrase 'ham & cheese vegan croissants' caught my attention instantly, and I even text Beth telling her about how we HAD to visit this place on our trip. The idea of a vegan filled croissant was my idea of HEAVEN and after finding out this restaurant was also a vegan cocktail bar I was SOLD. When we visited, we ate a dinner consisting entirely of croissants, cocktails and after eight hot chocolate and it may have been one of the best vegan meals I have ever had, not to mention they have a photobooth and a DISCO TOILET in their restaurant - if you don't believe me go check out the videos I filmed on our trip here. We went for a ham & cheese croissant, a hot dog croissant and a biscoff & chocolate spread croissant, alongside an after eight hot chocolate with whipped cream, and some cocktails. I cannot recommend this place more highly, the food was incredible, the atmosphere was so fun, the staff are so friendly and me and Beth just had the best night getting slightly tipsy and discovering our love for biscoff speed. If you are looking for vegan croissants, alcoholic milkshakes and hot chocolate, their famous 'pussy cocktails' (I'm not even kidding) or if you just want to experience a disco toilet then I definitely recommend this place!! They are located on SCHLIEMANNSTRASSE 1, and you can view their full website here (though it is in german) - 



Considering we were only in Berlin for 3 full days, the fact we visited this place twice really shows how INCREDIBLE their vegan crepes are. Both times we visited we went for the 'Prince' crepes, which contained chocolate spread (and then I got whipped cream with mine) and I cannot even describe how delicious they were!!! The sheer amount of chocolate spread you get, enveloped by the warm, perfectly fluffy crepe and paired with sweet vegan whipped creme just makes the best dessert (or starter, we did eat one of these before a pizza the second time we visited). Alongside the crepes, this cafe also serves burgers, mac & cheese, salads and wedges, all 100% vegan of course. I tried the 'Wendy O'Williams' burger which was BBQ Soy Steaks, Caramelized Onions and BBQ Sauce and then I added vegan cheese, but there are so many other options - you can view the full menu here : Located on TREPTOWERSTR. 90, Let It Be is pretty easy to get to via bus and definitely worth the visit! 



If, like us, you fancy vegan donuts for breakfast one day then look no further than Brammibal's !! They have an array of flavours, including (but not limited to) strawberry white chocolate, cookies and cream, matcha, pumpkin cream cheese and chocolate pretzel. We decided to share the salted caramel and the chocolate peanut butter fudge, both of which were SO good, and then I got a peanut butter smoothie and Beth had a coffee. If the multitude of vegan donuts wasn't enough, this whole place has such an indie hipster vibe that I LOVE, picture wooden benches, indie mascs with beards and noserings, neon donut signs and chalkboard menus. I definitely reccomend visiting here if you are a fan on vegan donuts or just looking for the perfect instagram spot! Brammibal's Vegan Donuts can be found on maybachufer 8 and you can visit their full website here to see a section of their donut flavours : 



If you are looking for a fast food style burger place that does the BEST vegan chicken burgers you will ever taste in your life, then this is the place to visit! With so many vegan burger options, vegan currywurst and vegan milkshakes this place is great for a quick lunch or if you're just craving vegan junk food. We both got a vegan chicken burger with lettuce and mayo and it was honestly SO good I definitely recommend!! They also do hawaiian burgers, bacon cheese burgers, fish burgers, spicy chicken burgers and regular veggie burgers - all 100% vegan! You can find Yellow Sunshine Burger at Wienerstrasse 19, just a short walk from the subway station, and you can view their full website here -



Whilst we were in Berlin we met up with my friend Mel who goes to university there and she took us to this vegan cafe called Yoyo Foodworld, which not only sells a wide variety of amazing vegan food but also has it's bathroom walls covered in vegan / feminist / pro lgbtqa+ stickers which I LOVED!! I went for the salami pizza, Mel had the tuna pizza and Beth went for a cheese and bacon burger and it was all so delicious! They also sell a variety of desserts and cakes, hot dogs, nuggets, wraps, a variety of burgers and pizzas and so much more! Another place thats perfect if you're craving vegan junk food or just want to try out some vegan alternatives to your favourite foods! This cafe is also reasonably priced and in such a lovely location, with a weekend market just up the street, selling food, crafts and everything else you could think of! Yoyo Foodworld is located on Gärtnerstr. 27 and you can check out their Facebook page here.



Just down the road from Let It Be, is Sfizy Veg - a vegan pizzeria that sells over 54 different variations of pizza, alongside pasta and other dishes! Now just a warning with this place, the pizzas are HUGE and considering we ate a whole crepe each before coming here it took us about an hour to eat all of ours! But it was well worth it, as the pizzas were so delicious, even though we were completely overwhelmed with the number of choices available! I got the ham and mushroom pizza and Beth went for one with salami, onion and pepper, they were both so good !! Definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a variety of vegan pizza options, and of course you have to walk up the street for a crepe from Let It Be afterwards! You can find Sfizy Veg at Treptowerstrasse 95, and view their Facebook page here.



On another dessert for breakfast day we visited Black Sheep cafe in Kreuzberg and had hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. This cute, little and extremely aesthetically pleasing cafe sold cakes, pastries, bread products and full vegan meals at lunchtime. Their interior was yet another perfect instagram spot and the cinnamon rolls were so sugary and delicious. They are also the home of Berlin Kombucha Society if thats your thing, so definitely go check them out! You can find Black Sheep Cafe at Bouchéstraße 15 and view their Facebook page here.



If you have been to Germany before you will probably have heard of Veganz - the chain of vegan supermarkets that sell literally any vegan item you could think of! We went to the store in Friedrichshain and I was overwhelmed by the variety and amount of vegan food they sold! They also had a deli counter where they sold pastries, burgers, sandwiches and cakes. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Berlin or just Germany in general as they have locations across the country (and even one in Prague). You can check out their website here :


I hope you have enjoyed another post about how to eat vegan in different cities around the world, if you have any recommendations of vegan places in Berlin or any other cities you would like me to create an eating vegan guide on let me know via my social media accounts (linked at the top right of the page) - Sophie :)

Sophie Earl