Eating Vegan in New York City


I have been in love with New York City since I first visited in 2014, before I was vegan, and over the past few years of living a vegan lifestyle I have always wanted to go back to the city and try all the amazing options I had heard about there! Luckily just after I had left Chicago, one of my best friends had invited me to NYC for her 21st birthday, and as she is vegan too we got to visit all the best spots that I can now share with you today! New York is filled with so many more amazing vegan places, and I wish that I can return one day and try them all out, but for now these are my favourites! 


By Chloe was one of the places I most wanted to visit in NYC, and the extensive vegan menu certainly did not disappoint! I visited a few times whilst in New York, and had both the breakfast and lunch options. For breakfast we had the funfetti pancakes with whipped cream, the breakfast burger, the guac burger, mac & cheese with 'bacon' (which is definitely worth a try!) and a cupcake. The pancakes are a must try, alongside the pesto meatball sub with mac & cheese I had for lunch!! They also have salads, a selection of burgers, brunch items (like scrambled tofu, oats, smoothie bowls), pasta, juices, and so many amazing desserts. You can also buy By Chloe desserts in Whole Foods in NYC, and the brownie is definitely worth trying! By Chloe has locations over multiple states, and now even in London so if you are visiting any of these places I would recommend! You can check out their full website and menu here;



We discovered this vegan cafe whilst hungover one afternoon in NYC as it was really close to the hotel I was staying at, and the promise of mac & cheese was enough to lure me out of bed. Their menu was pretty extensive considering how small the actual cafe was, and we decided to get takeout as eating a vegan feast in bed is the ultimate dream right? We got the 'bacon' mac & cheese, the jackfruit mac & cheese, the 'un-chicken avocado sandwich'; which was layers of vegan chicken, pesto, avocado and mayo between two pieces of rosemary focaccia (heavenly), onion rings and fries. They also have a selection of salad bowls, burgers, tofu scramble, cauliflower wings and more. They have a few locations all over the city, and the food is moderately priced (but definitely worth it), and you can check out their website here;



Another entirely vegan cafe I visited in New York was Cinnamon Snail, which has a few locations throughout the city, the one I went to being in Penn Station. They have an array of sandwiches, burgers and sides that are great if you like vegan meat and cheese substitutes, with options such as bbq burgers with mac & cheese (as pictured below), a selection of different marinated tempeh and tofu sandwiches, cheesy tater tots, mac & cheese and baked ziti. They also have an incredible selection of pastries, donuts and other desserts that are 100% worth the visit! I had the smores donut and it was sooo spongey, filled with chocolate spread and topped with vegan marshmallows (heart eye emoji). You can check out their full website to see the different menus across their different locations here;



As some of you may know, I'm constantly on a search for the best vegan tuna melt - and I have so far tried some pretty good ones (here and here), so it was only expected I tried one in NYC. The 'tuna' was so realistic, as they used soya instead of chickpeas which I usually try, and the cheese and bread combo was just so perfect, which makes this one from Seasoned Vegan a definite contender in the search. However this little spot in Harlem does so much more vegan comfort stye food, from burgers, burritos, BBQ ribs, smothered 'chicken', steaks, mac & cheese, as well as many raw vegan options like sushi, tapas, lasagna and more. They also have a selection of desserts such as pies, cookies and cakes. To see more of their menu and where they're located, you can view their full website here;



That's all the best vegan food I've had in NYC so far, but I am determined to go back sometime soon just to visit Champs Diner - the 100% vegan diner FILLED with amazing brunch and diner options. If you have any more suggestions for people please comment below! - Sophie :)

Sophie Earl