Ultimate Smoothie Recipes


Before I became vegan I never really experimented with eating a lot of fruit and veg, so it was a shock to everyone including myself when suddenly I was eating every fruit combination possible for breakfast. Smoothies are great to take to uni, work, or just out and about as they are easy to just put in a bottle and carry around through the day. Although I don't eat smoothies as much anymore as I used to, these are some of my favourite recipes that I still recreate often. You can add flax or chia seeds alongside vegan protein, or other supplement powders to any of these smoothies for that extra boost or leave them out! It's completely optional. 


The Super Green

Usually if you hear 'green smoothie' it doesn't always sound the most appetizing, but this version of the super green smoothie is packed with sweet fruits like mango and peach, and although it's loaded with spinach you can't taste the greens at all! This is great for a morning pick-me-up and looks great on your insta feed! 

What you Need;

2 bananas

1 handful spinach

frozen mango chunks

peach soy yoghurt 

non-dairy milk 


Breakfast On the Go

If you're looking for a little more indulgent breakfast smoothie then this may be the one for you. Full of peanut butter and oats, it will keep you energized for longer, and whether you top it with fruit and granola or take it as it is, it's definitely a flavour combination I recommend! 

What you Need;

2 bananas

peanut butter / pb powder

non-dairy milk



optional ; spinach, cacao powder


Raspberry Vanilla

This smoothie is one of my favourites, as it's healthy but also so sweet and delicious it could be a dessert, especially when topped with granola. This is my favourite smoothie to have as a post work / uni snack, or for breakfast alongside something savoury like tofu scramble, or an avocado and hummus bagel. 

What you Need;

2 bananas

1 handful frozen raspberries


1 tsp vanilla extract / paste 

optional : oats 


The Basic Acai

Acai bowls have been a trend ever since I went vegan, and although I do think they are a bit over-hyped, especially after seeing one being sold for $15 in Australia !!! I still do love the taste of acai bowls, and you can't deny that acai isn't great for you! Topped with granola and a generous serving of peanut butter is how I love to enjoy mine, you should try it too!

What you Need;

2 bananas

1 handful frozen blueberries

non-dairy milk

1 tbsp acai powder / or frozen acai

peanut butter & granola to top


I hope you have found some inspiration in these smoothie recipes, and please let me know what you think if you try any out! - Sophie :)

Sophie Earl